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Top 10 Pool and Spa Products – 6 through 10

6.ChemLink Adhesives

This line was brand new to us this year and WOW has word spread quickly!

M-1 All purpose adhesive and sealant – multiple uses, should be on EVERY serviceman’s truck. M-1 is great for tile repairs and underwater crack repair of virtually any material found in our industry (though, not suitable for plumbing or tank repairs). With M-1, you can repair cracked skimmer housings without draining the water! Watch it skin over in 15 minutes. It’s also, recommended for underwater expansion joints.

Novalink SL Pool and Spa Deck Joint Sealant – white (28 oz tubes only) and dark gray (2-liter pouches only) were introduced mid year. You don’t need 3 days of good weather to seal deck joints anymore; in fact, a little moisture actually HELPS this product start to cure! 5 colors now available and samples available by request – please ask, you won’t be disappointed. Non-Sag versions of NovaLink are available in numerous colors as well.

In addition to the quality of the product, the customer service is amazing! They have a liberal product exchange after 60 days and an easy opening order with free display rack!
Contact us for more details.

7. Jack’s Magic Super Pacs

New for 2015, were an industry first – Powdered enzymes!Superpacks
Super Pacs available in retail and bulk packaging.  These little packets handle organic loads in a convenient dissolving pouch every 2 weeks – 50 ppm chlorine tolerant and makes your pools POP – it’s noticeable!

Another product we can’t go without listing was the Jack’s Magic Stain ID Kit.  The kit has seen excellent sales thanks to retailers and service companies alike.  You use the kit to figure out what the problem is before spending money on a solution that might not even work!  It’s a no-brainer.

If you would like to learn more about Jack’s Magic, please contact us – we’d be happy to educate you on the benefits of this great product!  We can schedule a training seminar at your store or in the field and/or send you samples upon request.


8. Intermatic MultiWave PE653

The MultiWave is a simple, affordable, easy to install pool and spa control system.  Used for automated control of either pool or spa equipment – retro fit or new construction.

For information on specific pool needs, installation guides, wiring diagrams, and more go to

9. Jacuzzi Above Ground Pool Light
Introduced in 2015 but, making its US debut in 2016 is the Starbright LED light for AG pools. Competitive pricing in both color Jacuzzi(with remote control) and white (no remote), replaces the return fitting and provide bright (VERY Bright!) lighting for AG pools – both new and retrofit.

Keep an eye out this year:
A new brand identity will be launched in 2016; Jacuzzi by Carvin will usher in a new era for Carvin Pool Products.

They have more aggressive pricing on above ground equipment packages which are stronger than the big boys and they’re NOT ALL OVER THE INTERNET!

10. Little Giant LCT Motor Trash Pumps
This year (2015), Little Giant introduced LCT motors on the popular, low priced Red Lion Engine Drive Semi-trash and Full Trash pumps. LCT motors have a 2-year warranty and a nationwide service center network for warranty.

These pumps have created quite a stir of interest in the industry!