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CMP 4 Inch LED Bubbler Winterization Instructions

The 4 inch light is sold separately from the body – there are two body choices, gunite or VL/Fiberglass and 12 different light choices (cord length and program style).




  1. Remove the eyeball from the large lens by rotating eyeball 90°and lifting out vertically.
  2. Remove the large lens by inserting the top of the installation tool into the eyeball cavity like a key, then rotating counter-clockwise.
  3. Remove the large lens from the floating collar then replace the eyeball back into the large lens for storage.
  4. Remove the L-gasket that is directly below the large lens.
  5. Remove the LED light module using the installation tool.
  6. Secure the wire inside main body, use tape to prevent the cord from retracting back into the conduit.
  7. Use an air compressor to blow the water line free of water.
  8. Install the pressure test cap (25503-460-208) on the bubbler for the duration of winter.
  9. Store the large lens with eyeball, L-gasket, and LED light module in a dry place for winter.