Improve Your Patio and Pool Deck Projects With ICT


We picked up a new line about a year ago and it’s pretty interesting.  Innovative Concrete Technology manufacturers concrete sealers which can be applied to concrete and pavers. Below is a list of the common questions, we’ve heard the most over the past year, from pool guys looking to improve their pool deck and patio projects.

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  • Should I seal my pavers?

While this is a matter of personal preference, there are several benefits that come along with sealing brick pavers in the ways of protection and beautification.

  • What benefits come with sealing pavers?

Sealed pavers have several benefits over unsealed pavers. Not only does sealing bring out the beauty of pavers using color-enhancing technology, it protects pavers from spills. Food, pool chemicals, and automotive chemicals are among the most common spills to occur. When sealed, contaminates can be easily cleaned usually with nothing more than a thorough rinse with a garden hose. While sealing makes pavers very resistant to contaminates, staining or discoloration to the sealer can occur if contaminates are allowed to sit for an extended period of time. Sealing will also keep pavers looking new for a much longer time and make the pavers very resistant to weathering.

  • What is the expected lifespan of the sealer before a recoat is necessary?

Life expectancy varies from sealer to sealer. ICT has two individual sealers that are recommended for sealing pavers. WET! is a user-friendly, single-part, “wet look” clear sealer. WET! has an expected lifespan of 2-3 years before a recoat is necessary. Ure-Seal H2O is a high performance, professional grade, two-part, water-borne, urethane clear sealer. The lifespan of Ure-Seal H2O is estimated at 3-5 years before a recoat is necessary. The expected lifespans may vary depending on traffic, climate, and maintenance.

  • Will sealing make my pavers slick or slippery?

Sealing pavers will take some of the grip from the surface however, grip loss should be minimal. ICT products for sealing pavers, Ure-Seal H2O & WET!, penetrate the surface of the pavers to avoid creating a thick film of sealer such as the sealers used on pavers in the past. To further mitigate any slipperiness, the use of a non-skid broadcast can be used during the curing process of the sealer.

  • Is there a wait time, or cure time, before sealing pavers?

Yes. The cure time, or wait time, for all concrete and concrete products is 28 days. This allows the pH levels in the concrete that was used in the manufacturing of the pavers lower to a more neutral level to ensure that no adverse reactions occur when applying a sealer. For additional information on any wait time, refer to the paver manufacturer’s recommendations.

  • What sort of surface preparation is recommended?

Surface preparation is among the most important steps in sealing pavers. For new pavers, it is imperative to wait the recommended cure time prior to sealing. During the cure time is also the most common time for the pavers to effloresce. Efflorescence is the white, chalkiness that forms on the surface. While sealing will not allow pavers to effloresce again, the efflorescence that occurs prior to sealing must be removed. ICT Total Prep is a very user friendly and environmentally friendly efflorescence remover. Simply dilute Total Prep to the recommended ratio, apply with a gardening can, scrub with a nylon broom to work Total Prep into the surface, and pressure wash thoroughly. For existing pavers, it is also necessary to use a high strength degreaser such as ICT Total Klean, to remove any grease and oils that have attached to the surface, in conjuncture with ICT Total Prep. If mold or algae is present, it is helpful to add a small amount of bleach or chlorine to ICT Total Klean to remove mold or algae prior to sealing.

  • Does the surface have to be dry prior to application?

Though the surface does not have to be completely dry prior to sealing, there can be no standing water or puddles on the surface. If puddles are present, it is necessary to wait until those puddles are no longer visible. It is, however, recommended to dampen the pavers if the surface is hot to the touch before sealing. This lowers the surface temperature to ensure that the product does not “flash dry” during application. The general rule-of-thumb is that damp is OK but no puddles can be present. Also, keep in mind that certain climate promote an excess of moisture beneath the pavers which may cause complications in sealing. The sealer must be able to dry before the sun goes down, to avoid complications. The exception to the rule is that thin pavers and/or pavers installed on top of a concrete slab must be dry prior to application, no moisture present.

  • Is there an optimal temperature range for sealing pavers?

The optimal surface temperature for sealing is between 55°F and 95°F.

  • How soon after application is it OK to receive rainfall? What action should be taken should it starts raining during application?

The general rule-of-thumb regarding rain is about 4 hours. If you have finished application at least 4 hours prior to rain, the sealer (Ure-Seal H2O, WET!) should not be effected. If rain occurs during application or within 4 hours of application, removal is necessary. The sooner you can remove the compromised sealer, the better. Pressure wash, scrape, rinse with standard garden hose, whatever you can do will greatly reduce any headaches that will result once the rain passes and surface dries. Temperatures and amount of sun exposure can greatly reduce or increase drying time.

  • Why are my pavers hazy or chalky?

Chalkiness is usually efflorescence that has occurred during or after the curing process of unsealed pavers (see Question #6). Haziness is usually a result of sealing the pavers with a solvent-based or xylene-based sealer. In the past, solvent-based sealers were the most commonly used sealers for brick pavers. In recent years, with the rapid growth and popularity of pavers, the technology behind paver sealers has advanced exponentially. Solvent-base clear sealers are non-breathable sealers that form a thick film across the entire surface, locking in any moisture. The haziness is actually the moisture within and under the pavers trying, and unable, to escape. With the paver sealers today (Ure-Seal H2O, WET!), the sealers penetrate the surface creating a semi-breathable protective seal.

If you would like to see a demo or schedule an appointment with our reps, contact us and we’ll be happy to meet you!


Top 10 Pool and Spa Products – 6 through 10

6.ChemLink Adhesives

This line was brand new to us this year and WOW has word spread quickly!

M-1 All purpose adhesive and sealant – multiple uses, should be on EVERY serviceman’s truck. M-1 is great for tile repairs and underwater crack repair of virtually any material found in our industry (though, not suitable for plumbing or tank repairs). With M-1, you can repair cracked skimmer housings without draining the water! Watch it skin over in 15 minutes. It’s also, recommended for underwater expansion joints.

Novalink SL Pool and Spa Deck Joint Sealant – white (28 oz tubes only) and dark gray (2-liter pouches only) were introduced mid year. You don’t need 3 days of good weather to seal deck joints anymore; in fact, a little moisture actually HELPS this product start to cure! 5 colors now available and samples available by request – please ask, you won’t be disappointed. Non-Sag versions of NovaLink are available in numerous colors as well.

In addition to the quality of the product, the customer service is amazing! They have a liberal product exchange after 60 days and an easy opening order with free display rack!
Contact us for more details.

7. Jack’s Magic Super Pacs

New for 2015, were an industry first – Powdered enzymes!Superpacks
Super Pacs available in retail and bulk packaging.  These little packets handle organic loads in a convenient dissolving pouch every 2 weeks – 50 ppm chlorine tolerant and makes your pools POP – it’s noticeable!

Another product we can’t go without listing was the Jack’s Magic Stain ID Kit.  The kit has seen excellent sales thanks to retailers and service companies alike.  You use the kit to figure out what the problem is before spending money on a solution that might not even work!  It’s a no-brainer.

If you would like to learn more about Jack’s Magic, please contact us – we’d be happy to educate you on the benefits of this great product!  We can schedule a training seminar at your store or in the field and/or send you samples upon request.


8. Intermatic MultiWave PE653

The MultiWave is a simple, affordable, easy to install pool and spa control system.  Used for automated control of either pool or spa equipment – retro fit or new construction.

For information on specific pool needs, installation guides, wiring diagrams, and more go to

9. Jacuzzi Above Ground Pool Light
Introduced in 2015 but, making its US debut in 2016 is the Starbright LED light for AG pools. Competitive pricing in both color Jacuzzi(with remote control) and white (no remote), replaces the return fitting and provide bright (VERY Bright!) lighting for AG pools – both new and retrofit.

Keep an eye out this year:
A new brand identity will be launched in 2016; Jacuzzi by Carvin will usher in a new era for Carvin Pool Products.

They have more aggressive pricing on above ground equipment packages which are stronger than the big boys and they’re NOT ALL OVER THE INTERNET!

10. Little Giant LCT Motor Trash Pumps
This year (2015), Little Giant introduced LCT motors on the popular, low priced Red Lion Engine Drive Semi-trash and Full Trash pumps. LCT motors have a 2-year warranty and a nationwide service center network for warranty.

These pumps have created quite a stir of interest in the industry!

Top 10 Pool & Spa Products of 2015 – Numbers 1 through 5

As 2015 comes to an end, we’ve decided to re-visit our manufacturer’s hottest products of the year. These products have been well received by pool dealers and service companies alike. Without further ado, we present the hottest pool and spa products of 2015!

1. Merlin SmartMesh
Merlin SmartMesh has benefits of both a solid and mesh safety cover. Solid covers let no light through which prevents algae growth while mesh covers are much lighter than solid covers making it much easier to install and remove.The%2BLiner%2BSpecialists%2BMerlin%2BSafety%2BCover

SmartMesh has a tight weave which will allow water and melting snow through while at the same time, blocking 99% of sunlight. The SmartMesh cover filters out smaller debris than some pool filters (40 microns vs. 20-30 microns respectively)! SmartMesh features the highest burst strength, tear strength and abrasion resistance.

Bonus: It’s backed by a 15-year limited warranty.

SmartMesh is a cover we REALLY, REALLY LOVE, and so do you! Thanks for making this our #1 cover, we’re glad you did!

FYI: Green was the number one selling color.

2. Merlin Vinyl Liners
Merlin pool liners are custom-designed for your pool to provide the best possible fit and durability. liner
Each liner is CAD-designed and custom manufactured to accommodate steps, angles, objects and unique configurations.

Merlin even has your seam covered. Our Silk Seam process creates a flat seam that’s easy on your feet and less likely to catch sediment and debris.

The most ordered liner patterns of 2015 were North Beach and Cambridge Tile!

3. CMP Brilliant Wonders Waterfall

These are beautifully lighted, out of water accents at night and waterfalls during the day.  They come complete with rock trap and are front end serviceable (easy access)! They are available in four colors up to 8’ long! They’re hard not to love…

PS: New for 2016 is its stand alone capability or having the ability to sync with major manufacturers LED products by using new Smart Sync!  Sync up with Hayward, Pentair or Jandy control systems!  Read more about Smart Sync Here.

4.  Jet Array Inline
A new type of in-spa jetting.  Now, with JetArray Inline you add more jets with less pump and no noisy blower.  It is FULLY functional at depths to 6’ and can be used on the floor and can be combined for huge WOW factor!

5.  Grand Effects Fire Pits – Tuscano Water Bowl and Escala Fire Pit
Grand Effects has built a strong brand name within the pool and spa industry and they continue to deliver well engineered, beautiful features for commercial and residential properties.  This year we had HUGE sales in the Tuscano fire water bowls and Escala fire pits.
Download the full Grand Effects catalog here.