Why Choose Blithe Sales?

We KNOW the swimming pool and hot tub market!

  • We have combined 40+ years experience in spa and hot tub industry.
  • We routinely conduct marketing surveys to find dealers and learn competition relative to a dealer.
  • We have established relationships with most spa and hot tub retailers in the 13 state area.
  • We have support infrastructure in place for sales training and promotions on
    • Dealer initiated sales
    • Factory sponsored on and off event sales
  • We have industry contacts for show teams.
  • We possess ability to product knowledge educate, sales train, as well as provide marketing insight at dealer location.
  • We conduct sales and marketing seminars with existing dealer network.
  • We maintain product knowledge of most spa and hot tub manufacturers beneficial in knowing competition for
    • Setting up dealers
    • Training dealer how to sell against the competition
  • As a manufacturer rep group for a variety of pool and spa related products, we can have easier assess to dealers through established relationships, knowledge of their operations and competitor spa lines in order to present a new product line.
  • We conduct regular continuing in house sales training with our associates.

The best companies do business with Blithe Sales because:

Blithe Sales Reps…

  • care more about their customer’s business than making a sale
  • are honest and ethical
  • follow up promptly
  • are persistent, but not pushy
  • are successful
  • make it easy to work with them

And Blithe Sales Reps are fun!