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Top 10 Pool & Spa Products of 2015 – Numbers 1 through 5

As 2015 comes to an end, we’ve decided to re-visit our manufacturer’s hottest products of the year. These products have been well received by pool dealers and service companies alike. Without further ado, we present the hottest pool and spa products of 2015!

1. Merlin SmartMesh
Merlin SmartMesh has benefits of both a solid and mesh safety cover. Solid covers let no light through which prevents algae growth while mesh covers are much lighter than solid covers making it much easier to install and remove.The%2BLiner%2BSpecialists%2BMerlin%2BSafety%2BCover

SmartMesh has a tight weave which will allow water and melting snow through while at the same time, blocking 99% of sunlight. The SmartMesh cover filters out smaller debris than some pool filters (40 microns vs. 20-30 microns respectively)! SmartMesh features the highest burst strength, tear strength and abrasion resistance.

Bonus: It’s backed by a 15-year limited warranty.

SmartMesh is a cover we REALLY, REALLY LOVE, and so do you! Thanks for making this our #1 cover, we’re glad you did!

FYI: Green was the number one selling color.

2. Merlin Vinyl Liners
Merlin pool liners are custom-designed for your pool to provide the best possible fit and durability. liner
Each liner is CAD-designed and custom manufactured to accommodate steps, angles, objects and unique configurations.

Merlin even has your seam covered. Our Silk Seam process creates a flat seam that’s easy on your feet and less likely to catch sediment and debris.

The most ordered liner patterns of 2015 were North Beach and Cambridge Tile!

3. CMP Brilliant Wonders Waterfall

These are beautifully lighted, out of water accents at night and waterfalls during the day.  They come complete with rock trap and are front end serviceable (easy access)! They are available in four colors up to 8’ long! They’re hard not to love…

PS: New for 2016 is its stand alone capability or having the ability to sync with major manufacturers LED products by using new Smart Sync!  Sync up with Hayward, Pentair or Jandy control systems!  Read more about Smart Sync Here.

4.  Jet Array Inline
A new type of in-spa jetting.  Now, with JetArray Inline you add more jets with less pump and no noisy blower.  It is FULLY functional at depths to 6’ and can be used on the floor and can be combined for huge WOW factor!

5.  Grand Effects Fire Pits – Tuscano Water Bowl and Escala Fire Pit
Grand Effects has built a strong brand name within the pool and spa industry and they continue to deliver well engineered, beautiful features for commercial and residential properties.  This year we had HUGE sales in the Tuscano fire water bowls and Escala fire pits.
Download the full Grand Effects catalog here.